The diary game ( day -21, August 22,2020) :- normal day Saturday.

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Hey everyone welcome to my diary post where I will share my today dairy with you guys.

so let’s get started everyone,

Today I wake up at 8 am which is like late, it’s because I am watching an online movie on my phone which is south India film “Allu Arjun” is the lead and he is one of my favourite super star, after waking up I didn’t goes out as it already late so goes to refresh my self and after that I take my tea because there is no breakfast left 😢, it’s all because I am to late. I will try to wake up early from tomorrow. Get one pack of biscuit and eat it fully because lunch time is still hours ago and there is no breakfast for me so I have to eat something that’s why I pick an pack of biscuits.

I have ordered an power bank from flip kart which will be delivered today as I received confirmation message which makes me excited for that,

It arrived after an hour of waiting the first thing I do is recorded an video when I was opening that because I have listened feebly incident where they got wrong deliveries which is total waste, so to stay safe and get proof if anything goes wrong I record it,


After making that video I actually got that power bank which is completely functional and there is nothing to worry about it here is my power bank which pretty awesome in looks


Time is passing and now it’s lunch time and I goes to take that after that as usual I goes to take some rest and after waking up there is nothing to do so I opened my phone and started watching highlights of wwe which last smack down before summer slam and I am really excited about this smack down


Today there are so many things which is awesome but the intercontinental championship change is something that is great which I really enjoyed it.

After I watched few more video on YouTube regarding current affairs which is interesting to watch.

And that’s my day everyone hope you enjoyed my day see you soon in next diary post till that

Keep steeming


I know you very well you not wake up early in you entire life😂😂.
Anyways try your best to wake up early morning.

You buy power bank without asking me🙁.
You know na I'm you technical advisor 😛😝.

#onepercent #india #bestofindia

I also like to watch South Indian movies. Allu Arjun is also one of my favorite actor. A interesting thing is Allu Arjun
and my birthday is on the same day, April 8th. Which movie did you watch?
Nova is a popular brand in India. Power bank design is very beautiful. Online shopping companies in your country are very trustworthy, but in our country online shopping companies do not supply products properly. As a result, people have less confidence in them. I also watch WWE occasionally. Had a great day.
nice writing. Carry on


That’s good to listen that you watch South Indian movies.

Nice diary game from your side. How how MH battery is in this power bank and it is good or not. Have a great day. #onepercent #india

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