Better Life | The Diary Game | 19th January 2020 | Coolest day of the season

Hello friends, this is my second diary entry!
Diary date- 19th January 2020


Today I woke up at around 7:15 am. Its difficult to get out of the bed early than that due to the cold weather. And today its a bit cooler than the last few days. Maybe because it started raining early morning.


After having my first cup of red tea I went to the terrace to click some photos. I love rainy chilly weather. It helps me to think and create stuffs. Then I quickly took bath with warm water and got ready for taking online classes. Today I had 3 classes for 3 separate batches in google meet.


In between i lied down scrolling Instagram stories. After finishing off all the classes I joined my father in the fireplace to warm myself a little. I think its the coolest day of the season.


After that we had lunch and then i took rest for a while. After an hour or so I started having cravings for a sweet dish. Then I went to the kitchen, mixed Muesli with Custard powder and dry fruits and prepared a hybrid dessert with milk😅 It tasted yummy, but. We three had that and then my mother prepared tea.


After having tea i dressed up and went outside walking. Met few friends on the way. Then I walked to the vegetables market. Bought sweet potatoes and cabbage from there.


By the time i returned it got dark. In the north east India it gets dark around 5:30 pm in the winters. While returning I took a thrilling TOTO/ TOMTOM ride.


Had dinner and slept off early.

All the images have been clicked by myself. Any suggestions/ feedback towards creating better posts are welcome. 😊


In the north east India it gets dark around 5:30 pm in the winters

this is new I heard, really at 5.30 PM dark start winter.

Pic taken from TOTO/ TOMTOM ride is nice click.

You had a good day.

Thank You.
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Yes and sometimes its dark at 5 too! 😀
Thank you that photo has motion blur and so looking good.

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