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Hello steemers 🖐️, I hope everyone is doing great. I'm Sahil back with another day of TheDiaryGame. This is my 15th diary entry, and today I have completed my Achievement 6 Task: Understanding Curation and Community on steemit. So without any further delay, let's get started...


It's another day of full of joy when sunshine and birds chirp. Today I woke up at around 6:20 am. My mother woke me up today and made tea for me. But before I drink my tea, I brushed my teeth. Then finished tea while reading news on my mobile. After reading the news, my friend and I went for a walk, and today I completed the 2800 steps in just a morning. Then I took a shower after coming back to home.

My personal highest walking record in this month

At around 9:30 am, after having aaloo prontha and chain in breakfast, I opened steemit and checked if there was any new blog by @steemitblog about "Curation Catch Up". Because not even my single blog has been curated by @steemcurator01 till now and this is my 15th blog. Then I checked all notifications and replied to every comment on my posts.

Aloo (potato) prontha and Tea in Breakfast


In the afternoon, I opened steemit and saw that my Achievement 5 task 4 post was curated, so I started working on my next task. I read an article by @cryptoknnon where she explained about upvote and curation for the Achievement 6 task. So I read the whole article to understand more about steemit and to write my next task.


In the evening, around 5:30 pm, I played PUBG with my friends for an hour. Then I started writing my Achievement 6 task and completed in 2 hours. I answered every question of the task as per my understanding. Then I watched some videos about posting on @steemhunt. And after watching some of the videos, I posted my first hunt about Grammarly app. I often use this app to write my daily diary.

My first hunt on Steemhunt


At around 9 pm, I went for a walk for 15-20 minutes on the terrace after having dinner. Then I came down and wrote my 15th diary on steemit. After writing my diary, I watched some videos on YouTube as usual. Then after a well-spent day at around 11 pm, I directly headed to bed.

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
― Leonardo da Vinci

Roti and Daal in dinner

So this was my today's activities. Stay safe stay healthy. Thank you for visiting here. I appreciate your time.

Link to my introductory post
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All sorts of Indian dishes are well served in the plate at your dinner.

Grammarly is a good add on, that will help you checking your grammatical error in your write up.

Congratulations for achievement 6 about curation and communities. Knowledge connects to being a better actor in Steem. So at least the basic understanding every new users should know. You are proceeding in that path.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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