Better Life with steem|The diary game 2|13th August

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Hello Every one,
Good day to all
Below is my second diary writing.

Today I woke up at 6:00 am, took a glass of water, and went for a morning walk. I returned home after 25 minutes then I brushed my teeth took bath. After that, I had my breakfast. (snacks and tea).


After that I had to go to shop to get the LPG gas tank filled. So I with my friend ravi bhai went to the shop to get the gas tank filled.The shop was like 2km from our residence. It costs us rupees 450 to get the tank filled(5kg). We also bought a pipe costing rupees 190. Then we returned home.


After that I prepared lesson plan for my lectures for 2 hrs. Then I took lunch.

My lunch


After that I took a nap of half hour. Then it was the time for my lectures.

Today I also met one of the parents. He was asking, how his child is doing in studies. He was also complaining that he does not do any thing at house. Because of lockdown schools have been closed for 2 years in India. Many of the students did not learn anything.

In the evening I went outside to bring farali (a type of food taken during fast) for my friend's (@cryptogeko) mother
Then I returned home and took dinner.

It's 10:35 pm now and I am going to sleep.
Thank you all for reading this.


You had a great day.

schools have been closed for 2 years in India.

You are right that the school is not open since last 2 years. And the children are not even able to study.
#affable #india

Yes for some years now the education is suffering. Graduates which are just passouts are having no skills and also just churning what they watch on youtube. In reality we need skill based students. Looks to me your day went pretty well. keep writing the diary and keep posting awesome food images :)

#affable #india

Agree bro, this lockdown has spoilt a precious period of time of children.
Hope we get òut of it very soon.

Everything should start by now, especially schools. Lack of education since two year is big shoes to fill. @saheb1192

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