Better Life with steem|The diary game 1|11th August

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Hello friends,
This is my first diary writing on steemit. Wish me luck.
By profession, I am a teacher working in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. So before noon, I spend my time preparing lessons or do some online work.
Today I woke up at 6:00 am. Then I made my bed and cleaned my house. Then I took bath. After that I had breakfast.
Tea and toast.


Then after We(I and my roommate) planned to go to Girnar(Forest cum mountain in Junagadh). we drove like 7km from our residence. It was fun driving too. It was raining slowly. Finally, after 30 minutes we reached there.

My first beautiful forest image.


We walked like 1km in the forest. It was so cool and silent. We felt very good. We saw some cute animals and some well-crafted nests of birds.

Monkeys in their homes.


Beautiful nests of birds.

11aug 4.jpeg

Me walking fearlessly.

Me and my friend Rahul sir.

11aug 6.jpeg

Then we walked through the jungle for 20 minutes enjoying every bit of and reached to a place where animals drink water.


We started clicking photos there then all of sudden we heard a voice like someone was angry.(LOL). It was none other than a crocodile taking some air outside the pond.

11aug 8.jpeg

we took some more beautiful photos as shown below.


11aug 10.jpeg

After a lot of fun we returned to our residence at 2pm. Then I had lunch.

My lunch


After lunch I took a nap for 15 minutes. Then I started taking maths lecture at 3:00 pm. I taught linear equation in one variable to class 8th students till 4:30. Then from 4:30 to 6:00pm I taught number system to class 9th students.
Then I went outside for some tea and snacks.
Now its night I had my dinner and went to bed at 10:00 pm.
Thank you all for reading the post.

 11 months ago (edited)

This is my first diary writing on steemit. Wish me luck.

Great, welcome to the community

Girnar is a dream place to visit but still quite risky. Never been there. Every picture is amazingly captured. @sahab1992

Welcome to the steemit.
Amazing pictures clicked by you.
Hope you enjoyed a lot with your friend.
Nice diary from your side @sahab1992
Keep posting and have a great day.

Wow your photos from girnar are so amazing.
It's looking like a lap of nature. So much nature, trees and that nest of birds are so adorable.


Nice Photographs and also a beautiful dairy post. Thanks for sharing with us

Wow amazing forest pictures from you.

Nice diary ,your food aso looking so tasty and healthy.

Hello,@sahab1992 welcome to this community.
Beautiful pictures clicked by you.
Nice diary from your side.
Have a nice day.
Take care & keep posting.

#affable #india

@sahab1992 nice pics of forest and best of luck

You are enjoying with your friend in a forest. This is really amazing. All photos are so beautiful which is captured by yourself.


You enjoyed a lot with your friend. And you have clicked very beautiful photos. i hope you have a good day
#affable #india

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