Better life :- The Diary Game :-Friday / Ganesh Chaturthi

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Shree Ganesha 🕉️

Date :- 10 September 2021
Author:- @ritikjadon

So let's get started...

So today i woke up at 7a.m. Because one of my friends was being called me...

And as his call came, my phone began to vibrate. And as the phone vibrate, I woke up from sleep...

And after talking to him I woke up from the bed. And then I went to be fresh...

Then i brushed my teeth..And today I took more time than I did every day to brush my teeth...

Because my teeth were giving me a little messy feeling...And after that i washed my mouth...

Then i came back to my room..and And then I began to wait for the breakfast...😝

And after having breakfast I went for a bath. Because I had to go to the sweet shop. Today is Ganesh Chaturthi.

Every person in India takes the name of and anoint Ganesha before doing any auspicious work.

So I had to bring five sweets for worship. Then I reached the sweet shop and also bought sweets...

The Sweet Shop😋

I was watering my mouth to watch some of the sweets...I came back home after taking sweets..

Then I started worshipping Lord Ganesha...And then I had my meal...

It was about three o 'clock and then I fell asleep. At around 6 pm I woke up and then I went out for a walk...

I met one of my two friends. I had a few conversations with them...

Then I suddenly remembered that mother had asked me to come home early...

Because in the evening we had to go to the ganesh awakening also...

Then after that we had a dinner...
IMG-20210831-WA0029.jpgPudi & Matar Paneer

And then I came back to my room. And for a while I scrolling the phone... At about 11 o 'clock I fell asleep...

So guys that's all my today's activities..

Thank you




Puri w/ matar paneer looks tasty I hope you enjoyed it w/ 5 types of sweets celebrate nice ganesha festival,
Pls keep sharing your diary w/ us & be happy and healthy

Sweet in the sweet shop are mouthwatering. And your dinner are also looking delicious.
Keep posting.


Thanks for visiting my post @monali01

So many delicious items are shared by you. No one can control one's appetite before that sweet shop. Beautiful diary post.

@ritikjadon Pudi and matar paneer looks so tasty. Nice diary from your side, keep posting .Thank you for sharing your day with us .
Have a great day.
Stay safe
#affable #india

Sweets and muttor paneer looking so delicious

Thanks for sharing with us bro



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Thank you

@ritikjadon paneer and puri looking so delicious and yummy even type of sweat is looking so yummy. Thank you for sharing.
Keep posting 👍
Have a great day

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