Better life:- The Diary Game :- Monday / 1Nov

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Date :- 1 November 2021
Author :- @ritikjadon


So let's get started...

So today i woke up at 7am in the morning..Then i picked up my phone and checked some messages and notifications..

Then i went to fresh and then i brushed my teeth and washed my mouth..

And then i came back to my room and asked mom for a cup of tea...About 6-7minutes later she gave me a cup of tea ..And then i drank it...

Then i thought to open the Steemit site.. Because I was offline since quite a day...

Then I went out of the house and met some of the neighbours. And had a talk with them for a long time.

I stayed out for about an hour. And then I thought to go back home. And then I came out to go home from there.

Then I came home and then I went to bathe. I had my lunch at 12 o 'clock. And then I scrolling the phone for a while.

And then I had to go to the market to get new clothes for diwali. This time, on diwali, I have decided to wear a kurta pajama dress..

That 's why I had to get my cloth from the cloth store to get it stitched in at the tailor' s shop...

Screenshot_2021-10-30-21-59-53-08_99c04817c0de5652397fc8b56c3b3817.jpgCloth Store

And I took the cloth and put it to sew it. Taylor has asked me to take my dress three days later....

About 4p.m in the evening i came back to home..and took rest for a while..

And Again I slept for a while...And at about 6 in the evening I woke up...And then I took a break and rested and watched TV.

I remained like this for an hour....Around 6 o 'clock I woke up from the bed and went out for a walk...

And after talking to friends after a stroll for about two hours I came back home....

And then I washed my hands and feet. And I went into the room and had my dinner...

After dinner, I listened to songs on youtube for a while...

Hardy Sandhu's New Song.."Bijlee Bijlee

And after scrolling the phone for about an hour I went to sleep...

So guys that's all are today's activities from my side।।





You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

Thanks for sharing preparing for diwali w/ buying brand new clothes for diwali festival:-) I hope you are going to celebrate
grand diwali this year.
Have a great moments

Thank you for visting my post..

I have decided to wear a kurta pajama dress..

Nice choice 👌 you will wear pajama kurta, it will look good on you.

All the best. Stay happy.....!

It's wonderful to wear ethnic attire especially on Festivals .
Keep posting @ritikjadon

Hope your dress stitched before Diwali day #affable

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