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Date :- 21 September 2021
Author :- @ritikjadon

So let's get started...

So today I woke up at 9 in the morning which was quite late. Because I had some fever and cold last night.

So my body was suffering a lot of pain. Then I got up and I began to freshen up, then I brushed and washed my mouth.

Then I came back to the room. And then I drank tea. Because of the cold I felt like eating or drinking something hot.

I had breakfast at around 11 am. And then I took my rest for a while. Then my brother asked me to go to the doctor.

So then I was redy to go to the doctor. And I left the house. Then I went to the hospital.
Way to Hospital

I had an appointment with a doctor. At about 1p.m. I met the doctor and I explained my discomfort.

Then he asked for a blood test. Because from just few days dengue disease is spreading so much.

Many people have died and many people are sick because of dengue in my district. So I had a blood test to make it clear that it's out.

And then half an hour later my blood report came. All in the report was normal.

The doctor explained my discomfort due to change in weather. And then I took the medicine..

As soon as the hospital left, there was a lot of rain and wind.

So I waited for the rain to stop. And as soon as the rain stopped, I and my brother returned home..

I ate my meal as soon as I came home. And took rest for a while..

I felt a little better in the evening in my health. So I thought to take a little walk.

Then I called one of my friends and went out for a walk...When walking i saw a Palm Wine Tree..
A Palm Wine Tree

It is a coconut tree in appearance. And I've heard the water from the fruit can get some intoxication. But I've never tried to do that.

And after a walk I came home. And the match was already dawn. Then I turned on the TV.

And started looking at the match. RCB was playing quite badly..RCB had lost their wickets quite early..

I turned off the TV because we didn't enjoy the match. And after a while I had dinner.

Then I ate the medicine and then I lay down on the bed. After a while scrolling the phone I slept...

So guys that's all my today's activities..




The last picture of the palm tree is the most beautiful that too with blue sky with clouds.
It's raining seems to me.

Thank you for visiting my post..

@ritikjadon I hope you will be fine soon , do not worry even more palm wine tree have clicked the most beautiful . Thanks for sharing your day.
#india #affable

i hope now you feel better @ritikjadon .
and i already appreciate your photography so thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures with us.
Thank you for sharing your day.

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