Better life :- The Diary Game :- 08 August 2021 / Sunday**

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Date :- 08th August 2021
Author :- @ritikjadon

So lets get started...

So today I woke up at 8am in the morning..then i took my cellphone and scrolled Instagram..

After that i went to bathroom and made myself fresh..Then my mother gave me a cup of Coffee..

Then I made a call to my friend. And talked a while..
We were planning a trip somewhere good..

And After a while my nephew arrived. We had a lot of fun. And spent quite a good time...

Then we were hungry, I asked mom to get some food. So she made pavbhaji...

Pavbhaji was quite delicious in eating...
My mother had made a very tasty pavbhaji..
I cleaned the plate as if it was washed with water.

Then I went out. And went around for a while...
I had to take a few household items from the market...

Then I went to the market and returned home with the market supplies. Then I watched TV for a while...

And after that done dinner. Then I went into my room...

And then scrolling the phone for a while. And then went to sleep after a while...

So guys that's all activites from my side.

Thank you



Nice pavbhaji ,its my favourite whenever i go out for food i prefer to rat pavbhaji:)

Keep sharing n stay happy

@ritikjadon #affable

Thank you so much


I also like pav bhaji very much, I hope that you enjoyed your day @ritikjadon
Stay safe #affable #india

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Thank you

Mom steals the show as always, preparing coffee then breakfast --a delicious food indeed.

Keep posting,
#affable #india

Nice dairy from your side
Keep posting


@ritikjadon pavbhaji seems tasty


Thank you for visiting my post

Pav bhaji is looking so tasty. Credits to your mother.

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