Better life :- The Dairy Game :- Saturday 14/08/2021

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Date :- 14th August 2021
Author :- @ritikjadon

So let's get started...

So today i woke up at 7am in the morning. Then i got fresh as usual and brushed the teeth..

Then I turned on the television. And watch news for a while...Then after that I did breakfast...

Then I picked up my phone and listened to the song. As soon as I heard the song, I began to close my eyes..

And mother came by the time I was sleeping. He raises me and speaks how much sleep you have...

Then I got up and I went to bathe. After a bath, I wore some nice clothes...

Because today Brother and Brother's Wife were about to come at home...They were coming home for the first time after the wedding...

They came and after sitting for a few hours they went away. Then I finished my lunch at 2 o 'clock after they left...

And today is also the second day of India versus England's test cricket match. I could see that as well...

The match started at 3:30 and the match was on a thrilling situation. India has played good cricket in England...

The Indian player 's game did not seem to tell him they were on a foreign tour...

And after watching the match for about 4 hours I went out. The weather outside was kept quite warm...

So I thought of eating something cool. Then I called my friend and asked him to come out. Then we went to eat ice - cream...
Kala khatta Gola

This ice cream is known as Kala Khatta Gola. Its name is very odd. But the taste is quite fun..

Then we came back home. I went home and watched the match again. Then I did dinner...

Then I went to the roof and walked for twenty minutes. After a walk I came into the room and scrolled the phone...

And a few moments later I fell asleep in a deep sleep...

So that's all guys from my side...

Thank you


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And watch news for a while

I also watch news after waking up in the morning.

India has played good cricket

Yes India is playing very well. I hope we will definitely win.
#affable #india

Starting day with watching news, i hope you have watched news not the noise that is presented in form of news.

Kala khata gola looks amazing.
Keep posting
#affable #india

Then I went to the roof and walked for twenty minutes.

Walking is very good to be healthy, we should this a daily routine..

Ice cream looks tasty.

#affable #india

Thank you for visiting my post

It has been years since I have had a barf ka gola. I remember eating it in a glass with a spoon. There was an old guy who had a gola cart and he used to make the best golas in our city.

How much does it cost now? It use to cost just ₹2.

He raises me and speaks how much sleep you have...

It also happens with me 😅😅 daily.
Kala khatha gola is looking so tasty 😋.

Nice diary from your side.
Thanks for sharing your activities.


Thank you so much

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Thank you

I like to eat this Kala khatta Gola

I often try to eat it in the hot summer season with family.

Good diary @ritikjadon

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