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Today in the morning i woke up really late, yesterday been a busy day for me i had some relatives at my home which kept me busy. I couldn't even post anything yesterday.

I woke up then i had a cup of tea and some snacks in the breakfast, then i had my shower (after 2 Days lol) Although weather here is good now it's mostly sunny now.


I thought i should do some work so i started my laptop and somehow it showed me some sort of error related to windows then it kept restarting for 2 - 3 times then finally it started and nothing happened afterwards, it's working fine now.

In the late afternoon time my father got a call from cold storage to clarify something, then i headed out with him to the Cold storage, this is kinda far from here around 5.5KM



We reached there as soon as possible did all the work, which kept me busy and made my simple day and long day and then we finally returned home.

In the evening i went out with my friends to the tea stall where we always go to have tea in clay Cup and gossips with friends, that's how i spent my day.


Haha it was wierd to see the windows crash on laptop most of this happen in rig because we may shake the SSD which makes loose contact in connection where we installed the OS.

Perhaps, but it was first time i faced such error in my laptop.

I had those errors while I was installing Windows 11 upgrade too. I then reverted back to the windows 10 for now.

#affable #india

Yes i recently downgraded my laptop to windows 10, been facing so many bugs in 11.

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