BEST OF INDIA - Contest updates - solid upvotes and 30STEEM in prize pool

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Hey everyone, This is post regarding the latest updates of contest BEST OF INDIA this is the link to official post.

So far i have these users on my list participated in the contest and I'm really happy to users from India participating in this contest..

@sahilgupta, @monz122, @sumit71428, @akkibadboy, @satyam1,@medha5,@ruchii, @bold-n-italics, @lavanyalakshman, @sapwood, @golusingh, @sachin08, @vivek24, @nishika, @sneha5, @omsingh11 @ayushikumari, @akaashh, @neerajkr03, @ritz4, @jyotisingh

Ps - If anyone else has posted diary entries in Best of India community From 15th August and isn't listed above, please let me know in the comments section below

  • Results for the contest will be published on 23th August (make sure you finish posting entries for 21th August by 23th August)
  • Next round for the contest will start on 25th August


The prizes upvotes will be given through @steemcurator07 account (200k SP)

Rank 1 - 100% upvote
Rank 2 - 80% upvote
Rank 3 - 60% upvote
Rank 4 - 40% upvote
Rank 5 - 20% upvote

* Additional prizes - As @sumit10698 have sponsored 10STEEM in the PRIZE POOL now there's a total of 30STEEM All top 5 will get 6STEEM each (30STEEM)


I'm delighted to see that in just less than a week, we are now 70+users in community and great thing is all are active users posting in the community.


I'll be choosing some Mods when we reach 100+users in the community.

  • get active in the community
  • helping others through comments
  • have basic experience of steem blockchain
  • Newcomers who have completed all 1-6 achievement Tasks can also apply

Thank you everyone for taking part and thanks to @sumit10698 for sponsoring.

Please also checkout This wonderful project by @shortsegments LINK and consider giving some delegations to @steem-india account :)

To the attention of @shortsegments @steemcurator01 @steemitblog @stephenkendal


Comments are considered only for #bestofindia tag or for #india and #thediarygame tag also?

Comments made on "best of India" diary entries will be taken into consideration

Does that mean only the comments within Best of India community?? Not even the #bestofindia tag. Because it may so happen that people use the tag like #bestofindia in their diary post but that does not mean posting in that community. I am a little confused. So need further clarification.

Brother, commments made on the entries of the contest of best of India will be taken into consideration, if posts are made with #bestofindia outside of the community will not be taken into consideration and same applies to the comments. Although you can use #onepercent on every comment.

Ah, now I got it. Thank you for the clarification.

In latest update of steemitblog. They taking break from 25 August to 31 August. Then remaining 25 days round start with 1 september to 25 september .

But here you said next round start from 25 th this month.

Pls give clarification about it.

I posted the update before the latest announcement from @steemitblog I'll update the details in next update stay tuned.

Oh ok. Thanks for clarification

Am I too late to join now?

You can join in the next week that will start sooner. Stay tuned for further announcements.


My name isn't present, Please add.

Added, thank you!

Excited for the announcement of winners @rishabh99946

My name isn't present.
Please add me

Updated, thank you for participating.

Can you add my name also?

Yes, only if you posted diary entries from 15-21 in best of India community.

Yes I have posted all diaries from 15 in best of India

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