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Hello friends, very warm welcome to everyone on my today's diary. Today I'm going to share about my today's activities and work. So let's start it with the morning.

Today I woke up at 5 am and got freshen up and went for running and some physical exercises and returned home at around 6 am. I went to kitchen made tea and served everyone. Actually my new home is under construction in city so I had to go there to take care of all construction work and all because currently we all are living in our village home since last few days. So I started getting ready because I had to reach there before 9 am and city is almost 30 kms from my village. I took bath and mom served my breakfast . After having my breakfast I took my bike and left for my city home.


captured while going to city

Construction is almost over and only finishing left from inside. When workers started their work I went in another room and started playing BGMI for some timepass because I feel so boring while taking care of all construction work so I played the game for almost 2-3 hours and when it was their lunch time, I went to market to bring some food for them. They had their lunch and went to rest for a while before starting the work again.

I reached there till 8:30 and workers were already there and they were waiting for me to come so they can start their work.


my new home

after taking rest for almost half an hour they started their work again. Here I started clicking photos and editing them for my Instagram uploads. Here I'm sharing some photos with you.


clicked through a small plastic pipe


full view of previous pic

I passed my time with photography and it was around 5:30 so all workers were ready to leave for their home so I went to them and paid their daily wages and when they left for their home I also took my bike and started my journey back to Village. I reached there around 7:30 PM and I was feeling so tired so I took my dinner early and decided to go for sleep. This is the end of my today's diary so bye bye everyone and see you tomorrow again with tomorrow's story. Have a sweet dreams good night everyone.


At my native place, my new home is also is under construction. But unfortunately, I didn't go there from the time construction started. My elder brother and father taking care of house construction. Thanks to share your day. Keep posting.


Glad to know that you liked my diary...and by the way why didn't you visit there yet ?? Thanks for visiting my post, keep visiting.

आपने प्रकृति का बहुत ही अच्छा फोटो क्लिक किया है । और आपने बहुत ही अच्छा पोस्ट लिखा है ।

मुझे ये जानके बहुत खुशी हुई की आपको मेरे फोटो अच्छे लगे। समर्थन करते रहें।

Weather looks very beautiful and seems to be cold. Your house also looks beautiful.
Nice diary from your side.
Have a great day. 😊

Thank you so much for visiting my post...and yeah weather was cold due to rain . Keep visiting.

Your new house is good and I too want to build new house something like this. It's just that I don't know how to adjust with the people outside the city. I guess I have to go for row bunglows in near future :)

#affable #india

Yeah go for it but it's not too tough to adjust wherever you live.. either in city or out of takes little bit time but we can adjust. Just try to build your new home in the outskirts of your city. It has both city and village feelings 🙂 and thanks for visiting my post

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Thank you.

Thank you for supporting me...I will definitely visit other member's post to learn more and to improve my daily diaries.

Awesome really we need a house to live in i guess. That you must have made it with a lot of effort, keep sharing your day with us like this, congratulations

Thank you for visiting my post...yeah it takes lot of effort and funds to build a new home... Yeah I'll keep sharing my daily's life with my steemit family. 🙂

your new home looks amazingly beautiful @pathakji you have clicked nice pictures

Thank you for visiting my post and glad that you liked my photos....

Your photography skills is too good @pathakji. You have clicked amazing pictures. Keep posting.....


Thank you for visiting my post and I'm glad that you liked my photography...keep supporting.

The scene of road is looking amazing. Nice diary keep posting.

Thank you for visiting my post...keep supporting.

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