What can you buy for 20 STEEM in Poland, Argentina and Chile by @papi.mati

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There is more than one country which I can call "mine". I am from Poland, I am living in Argentina although I have spent few years in Chile and I may come back someday to live there. I will try to answer the contest question including the perspective of all that three countries

Assuming that 20 STEEM is worth 10 USD (currently a bit more, but let's simplify it). It would let me get:

Chile7 790 Chilean Pesos
Argentina1750 Pesos Argentinos
Poland39 Polish Złoty

If you will use google to check the value, the amount suggested by the searcher with vary in Pesos Argentinos. That's because the country is in a huge crisis and currently Argentina has the third-highest inflation rate in the world. The government decided to limit selling and buying USD to stop inflation. It didn't work. Currently, we have the official rate which is in use while using bank services, and the blue rate for buying USD unofficially. I included the blue rate as all the cryptocurrencies are out of the bank infrastructure.


Let's assume we want to spend that money on the basics, like food. How much cheese or eggs could we buy for 20 STEEM? I tried to make a small research and include all the information in the table below. Notice that every single product would have to be bought separately. That means 20 STEEM in Chile allows to buy 1,2 kg of local Cheese OR (not "and") 42 eggs OR 2 kg of Chicken and so on...

20 STEEMChilePolandArgentina
Cheese1,2 kg1,4 kg3 kg
Chicken Fillets2 kg2,2 kg4,8 kg
Milk9,3 l13,6 l20 l
Bread4 kg5 kg14 kg
Chocolate5 u13 u3 u
Tomatoes6,5 kg5,3 kg10 kg
Potatoes9,2 kg13,8 kg25 kg
Bananas7,3 kg7,8 kg13 kg
Apples5,9 kg9,8 kg8,75 kg

As you can see the crisis in Argentina makes the prices significantly lower than in other countries I have been living in. Going to the shop in Argentina with 20 STEEM I could buy approximately twice more products than in Poland or Chile. The only exception is the chocolate which remains very expensive here. If I would like to spend all my STEEM on the sweets, the best place to do it would be Poland, where I could buy 13 chocolates Milka for it (in Argentina only three).


While in Poland and Chile 20 STEEM would be enough to go out for a coffee and a piece of cake, in Argentina I could take with me two or even three friends. I could also go to the restaurant with my couple instead, while in Poland it would be possible only if we would decide to go to one of the so-called "milk bars" - the cheapest kind of restaurants which receive national donations to lower the price for the customers.

The price of the ticket to the cinema is almost similar in all three countries so I could use that money to go alone to see the selected movie. In Argentina, I would have enough money to buy popcorn while in Chile and Poland I'd have to spend a few extra STEEM to get it.

Argentina remains also the only country of three where 20 STEEM would be enough to go out to the theatre. Of course, it would depend on few things: seats right next to the stage are more expensive and events with special famous guests may be unavailable at that price as well.

20 STEEM is the average price of the book in Chile or Argentina. In Poland unfortunately I would need approximately 4 STEEM more to buy the book.


20 STEEM in all three countries is the money which could be used effectively on buying the groceries or rewarding ourselves with some small pleasure. Earning 20 STEEM daily would be enough to earn the average Argentinian salary and survive in the country (although it may be too little to live comfortably). In Poland and Chile, that amount of money doesn't allow to survive but it could be a nice bonus to the regular salary.

Thank you for reading,


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Peace & Love!

It's a well organised post. Through your post we could know something about your country.
Thank you for sharing

Thank you for your comment and that great opportunity to share with you my thoughts!

Saludos amigo. En Venezuela puedes comprar un poco mas. Aca una barquilla grande cuesta 1.5 $ Un pan tipo canilla grande cuesta 1 $ y 30 huevos cuestan 4.5 $

Según los precios que escribiste en este comentario, parece que puedes comprar menos por 20 steem en Venezuela que en Argentina.

Velezuela = 66 huevos por 20 STEEM
Argentina = 210 huevos por 20 STEEM

Venezuela = 10 pan grande (10kg?) por 20 STEEM
Argentina = 14 kg de pan por 20 STEEM

Gracias por su comentario. Saludos! :)

Well written post, loved the way you compared among 3 with the table.
Ps - i would go for Chocolates and eggs. Haha

Thank you for participating in boi contest.
Good luck.

Hahah, chocolate definitely is my first choice. Who needs regular food while there is chocolate at home? :D

Thank you for your comment and supportive words!

Who needs regular food while there is chocolate at home? :D

Sooo meee haha.

Loved the comparative analysis. Well written.

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