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Howdy, dear friends of the @bestofindia community.
I am safe here at the best wishes from the @bestofindia community, I hope you all are extremely safe at the grace of @bestoofindia & God!
I request all of you through @bestofindia.
1:) Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink water.
2:)Don't wait until you are sleepy to sleep.
3:)Don't wait until you are tired to rest.
4:)Don't wait until you are sick to have a medical examination.
5:)Don't wait for miracles, to trust God.
6:) Never lose confidence in yourself.
7:)Stay positive and always hope for a better tomorrow.
Now I would like to take you

Today I wake at 5 am, immediately proceeded to the restroom where I brush my teeth and wash my face
I consumed lukewarm water before heading towards my morning walking,
I start a brisk walk when I reach my regular walking track, after 45 minutes of walking I sat down in the park to relax in the fresh air under the beautiful sunrise morning sun-rays.
I came back home w/ milk and curds were bought on my way back home from the Nandini milk booth. I sanitize my hands immediately when I reach home.
I went up to the Terrace where I did my routine pranayama, Mudra and meditation and came back to take my bath and I did chanting of Mritunjaya mantra 108 times.
Now it's time to have my breakfast. Today my wife gave me a bread omelette. I enjoyed the taste of the bread omelette.


Bread omelette.

After having my breakfast I went to my law chamber where I did read the case papers and prepared short notes on them


My law chamber on which short notes were prepared.
I came back home from my law chamber for having my lunch. Today my wife prepared Rice W/ sambhar, rasam & chips. I consumed the delicious lunch.


Now I scrolled into the @bestofindia community network where I replied to several comments on my diary game, in the meantime I felt sleepy, so I took the long sound nap for 1hour.


I got up from my long nap, I was fresh up but I couldn't step out of the house because of the heavy drizzle, so I did some physical exercise in the home itself.

It's my leisure time I switched on to television to saw the news on several channels while seeing television I had my dinner and I wrote my @bestofindia community diary and finally, I hit the bed.



Thanks for visiting my diary

I am very grateful to the @bestofindia community for boosting me to write a diary game and making our lives into 'Lit' eventful one.

Finally, my utmost special thanks to the @bestofindia community team consisting of its Admin "GOAT" work done by the above entire team who makes steemit social media become the great "GOAT" successful one on this planet.

Thank you very much to all
🍀 🌸 🌹 🌺 🍀 🌸 🌹 🌺 🍀


Can I know are you taking raw spring onion with your dinner???

I dont try this combination,Hope you enjoyed it.

Nice diary from you. Take care.

#affable #india

Its tender raw onions ! really i enjoyed the taste

Thanks for your comments on my @bestofindia diary

Keep commenting n stay blessed by @besofindia subscribers

@lavanyalakshman #affable

Oh ok. Take care.

Nice though you shared with us thanks
Nice diary and food very delicious
You woke up very early nice habits
#india #affable

Thanks for visiting my diary

@amer4058 #affable

A lawyer has bountifull of stuff to write in his blog. It's an interesting diary post.

Thanks for your complement n comments too

Keep commenting n stay blessed by @bestofindia subscribers

@krishna001 #affable

 2 years ago 

@layersinn, Thanks for sharing the post. The seven points will remember.

Thanks for stopping me


The 7 tips are very powerful. Nice diary.

Thanks for your complements

Keep commenting n stay blessed by @bestofindia social media

@nainaztengra #affable

Those are nice thoughts and there are always lots of papers on lawyer's table.

 2 years ago (edited)

:) thoughts are the assets of a lawyer!

Thanks for your comments on my diary

@birjudanak #affable


@layersinn, you have shared very useful seven points. We all must follow them in our regular life to get a healthy lifestyle. Keep sharing your diary with us, all your food looks delicious and healthy.

Thank you very much for your comments on my diary
@sduttaskitchen #affable

 2 years ago 

It seems you were busy to study your case papers @layersinn, keep sharing your day. Food looks delicious.

That's my daily part of life,Thanks for your comments

@pulook #affable

 2 years ago 

You have been selected for curation by @booming accounts as part of the Steemit-communities-support-program to enrich consistent authors producing quality content.

We would encourage our users to strengthen engagement activities which is essential to build a social platform.

Thank you.


 2 years ago (edited)

Thank you very much for your "Epic" up vote on my diary.

Nice to read your 'Lit' comments

@rishabh99946 #affable

Thank you for sharing your diary with us..Also you have shared some great thoughts.
#affable #india

Thanks for your visit here

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