Betterlife !! Diary Game: 17:09:2021

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Hi friends, I am Lavanya from Chennai, India and I am a Housewife.


Today I wake up at 5:0 am, I start writing my second post. Hope I finish in time.

After spending 1 hour, Then I go for my regular activities of brushing, bathing, draw rangoli designs in front of my home.

After finishing I go for preparing morning coffee for my family members. I also took my morning coffee with my family members.

After finishing I go for preparing breakfast. Today I prepare Idly with Tomato Chutney.



After finishing their breakfast I go for finishing my laundry work.

Now it reaches 9:30 am. As usual, my daughter online classes started so I go for joining her classes. It goes up at 12:30.

Now it reaches lunch preparation time. So I go for it. For today lunch needs I prepare Yam fry, Beans sambar rasam and rice.



After finishing lunch all go for their work. Now I get free time for spending my needs.

In this free time, I spend on social media and start preparing my incomplete post.

Today market start dumping, Don't know how it goes then after.

But Paypal starts expanding its crypto journey in the UK.

Now it reaches evening. So then I go for preparing evening coffee for my family. I also took my evening coffee.

After finishing I give a short revision to my daughter.

Now it reaches dinner time. So I go for preparing Dinner. For today dinner needs I prepare vermicelli upma.

Then I go for finishing the remaining work, after finishing I start writing my diary. After publishing, I go to sleep.

Like That, My day going busy.

That's It From My Side

Thanks for reading my post.


Yam fry?? hows its taste like?

Very tasty ,on using Tamarind pulp we prepare,so its very tasty.

your food always looks tasty @lavanyalakshman
if you click the pic from a little far it would be more detailing.

#affable #india

Yes ,today picks not at clarity,i took using another phone thats why.

Thanks for stopping my post.

All the foods look delicious, great diary as usual, good night

Thanks for compliment and stopping my post.

You shared your day deeply ..loved it as usual..!
Have a blessed day ahead.

All your food looks healthy and tasty, @lavanyalakshman.
Thanks for sharing your day with us. keep posting.

Thanks for stopping my post.

Nice diary game from your side @lavanyalakshman. food looks yummy. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Keep posting #affable

Thanks for compliment and stopping my post.

Nice diary..I like idli..also seems tasty in pictures..
Thanks for sharing ur post..

आपका नाश्ता देखने में बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट लग रहा है ।
और आपने बहुत ही अच्छा पोस्ट लिखा है ।

Thanks for compliment and stopping my post

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