The diary game -- 28/12/21

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and doing well. Today, i woke up at 8 am and after brushing, i sat to read newspaper to know the whereabouts of society. This week is getting busier for me as my clubs are organizing their flagship events to mark the importance of the clubs in front of newly joined juniors.

After reading the newspaper, i went out to water my plants. Meanwhile, my mom prepared breakfast for me. The breakfast was very tasty.
After having it, i sat to study. After studying for sometime, i found the message by my senior that we have to do the counting of scores of Qriosity Quiz, a quiz organized for freshers by my quizzing club.

maggi in breakfast

qriosity quiz

I then took bath and had my lunch. After having lunch, i felt sleepy. So, i watched some videos on facebook and slept.

After waking up, i went out to buy vegetables and i bought momos from market for the family. Momos is liked by almost everyone in my family. We all enjoyed it.


At night, checked the scores of quiz winners. The prelims of quiz had been held at our own club website.

Thank you
Good night


Today you had delicious dishes @kushagrapratap.
Have a great day!


Thanks for sharing your valuable post with us brother.your dishes looks delicious.keep posting# affable

Thanks for sharing your post with us.yiur your dishes looks yummy and delicious food.# affable

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