The diary game -- 17/01/22

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and doing well. Today, i woke up at 8 am, i was a bit late as i have classes piled up for the day. TZbe Winter days are really very small. How the whole day spends away, i didn't realize it. With so much workload, it becomes very difficult to maintain all that within time.

online class

I have created an instagram account in which i post basic knowledge and tricks to learning upto 10th level students. I have to update that account too.

Looking and searching for unique ideas and then putting it into poster and uploading it tooks good time.

And since, new semester had been started, and number of subjects is more than last semester, so focus on academic also requires time.

And here, both my clubs are organizing their flagship events and thinking to organize auditions soon to add new members in our clubs. That also added in my timeline.

But, i have faith that everything will be handled by me in the best way.

veg roll with my friends at evening

gone viral quiz

Thank you


Well you made a very good poster and got education, veg rolls are also good. and will be delicious too thanks for sharing this with us

Roll are looking yummy and it seems that your day fill with busy schedule.


yeah, you are right

Roll are looking yummy and it seems that your day fill with busy schedule.

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