The diary game -- 16/12/21

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and in the best of spirits.

Today, i woke up at 8 am and after brushing the teeth. I started reading newspaper to have a look at happenings in the day to day world.

As, i had told in my previous post that i had to reach my college in between 30th dec to 10 jan. So, i had to decide which day will suit me as i had to take reservation too.

In the morning time, i was in a lot of confusion regarding whom to take from my family alongwith me. Since, i am also visiting my college for the first time, it is necessary to have anyone of parents to assist in any confusion.

I asked my Friends, many of them were arriving college on 30th December. All of us are really excited.

had this chola kulcha in evening

I had conversations with my nearby friend and we decided to go together.


our team ,only second years ,strokes

But the main problem is reservation. We are not getting reservations in trains as it's delay for that. We had talked to various people regarding this but the problem still hadn't solved. And lastly we had to take reservation in waiting list.

Good night

Thank you


OOOOOO nice diary

Thanks for sharing your diary with us brother.

Stay connected and stay safe




chola kulcha nice dish and very tasty food thanks for sharing your post.# affable# India

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