The diary game -- 05/12/21

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and in the best of spirits. Today, i woke at 8 am and after brushing the teeth, i sat to read the newspaper. Meanwhile, i had my morning tea. The new variant of covid is spreading gradually in our country too and that may be concerning for us in near future.


As i had applied for a lot of internships, i got a call from a company at about 11 am. I was not prepared then and was just doing my club task. The HR of the company asked me if i could give the round right now or not and i agreed. She sent me 5 designs which i had to recreate within 30 minutes. The task was definitely challenging yet i tried to do it anyway within time frame. And she asked me to submit via mail. I got a call from her saying that i had been shortlisted for next round. The next round i going to be held tomorrow. Let's see what will happen.

Amdist this new variant, the chances of my college reopening had been declined by a huge amount. But, after getting mail from dean academic, it had been clear that my college is going to reopen within one month and new semester will be in offline mode.

mail from DoA

The Situatuon actually is very depressing for some of the students. One of my classmates had written this appealing mail to dean regarding problems in online system of education.

mail by my classmate

Hope the things will get soon back.

Good night


आपका नाश्ता देखने में स्वादिष्ट और स्वास्थ वर्धक लग रहा है ।

Your breakfast looks amazing and tasty, @kushagrapratap.

I can understand your classmate feeling, others also should find the solution

Yeah, you are right

Your breakfast is really soo tasty
to look. I hope you enjoyed it a lot.
Nice diary from your side.

New variant of covid is spreading very fast..Everyone needs to take precaution.
You have shared a detailed diary.


Yeah, we must take care of it

Your breakfast is looking very healthy and delicious too.
I know it's very bad situation for all because of this new varient of COVID spread fastly and it create problem specially for students.


Thanks for reading the post

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