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🔆Good Morning

So as I had promised yesterday, today I will share brautiful pictures that I have shot of Durga Pooja Pandals at my Village. Please do share your views how much you liked it.

Yesterday evening I went to particiapte in Maa Durga Aarti. I had gone there an hour earlier. There was much rush as crowd was big. Here people often gather in a large number on day before the last day of Navratri. People were coming, bowing before the idol of Maa Durga, taking prasaad and going to the next pandaal.
It looks awesome.

Idol at Gud Mandi Committee

Gandhi Ashram committee

8 pm pooja was started and after a few minutes we stood for aarti. Every committee has a special feature and so does ours. We are famous for Nagaade & Tasha. Before aarti some of the members beat Nagaade and Tashe. Then we did aarti. After aarti prasaad was being oofered again.

Nagaade & Tashe during Aarti

Team Nagada & Tasha



Aftet aarti I went to visit other pandaals with my friends. I took pictures of those pandaals and idols as well. Although My house is at the same place where all these things are organised so I need not to think to visit there, it's just to get out of home and I can see Durga pooja there.

Havan Poojan

Me Panda Pujari🤪

11 pm I came home after enjoying there. It was too late. My cousin also was there, he had not taken his dinner, not even me as we have forgotten about food 🤪. After coming home we had our dinner and went to bed. I shared some pics on whatsapp status as well. Now I am sharing all those here as well.


Pandaal on the theme Kedarnath Temple
images (6).png

💐Thank You


Aapne bhut hi acha post likha hai. Aapke dwara li gayi sbhi phiti bhut sunder dikh rahi hai.

Awesome bhai I am missing durga pooja.

No worries, make sure you accomplish your desired goal this year and join us at next Navratri.

It seems to me your day was pretty good. You seem to have enjoyed the activities for the navratris too. Happy Dashera to you and your family :)

#affable #india

Great pandaal and very nicely decorated.

Kedarnath theme temple is nice.
Thanks for sharing your day with us. Keep posting.

Thank you.
Jai mata ki.

Thank you @ashubaba01
Stay connected....

Your friend @fitcoachshivam is also involved in Nagade ...It's great to see y'all enjoying Dussehra.
I'm missing it this year.
Happy Dussehra 🙌

Yeah, @fitcoachshivam is a good drumer. He is playing it in Durgapooja since childhood. I also learned a little playing Tashe from him.
#affable #india

कृपया विसर्जन की फोटोस जरूर भेजिएगा धन्यवाद।

आपने बहुत आनंद लिया होगा नवरात्रि मेले का। माथे पर टीका आकर्षक लग रहा है। खुबसूरत पोस्ट !

I have missed the chance of visiting home town's Navratri fest. Pictures are stunning and full of joy and fervour.

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