The diary game ||betterlife with steem|| 27 november 2021

Hello dear steemians,how are you ? I hope you all are fine.Today i am here with another dairy post of 27 november 2021 and hope you all read and like it.


Today i woke up early in the morning and started trying to escape the heat under the quilt but couldn't because the weather is so cold.I eventually got out of my bed and went to take a hot bath.At around 8:30AM i went to the dining room to have my breakfast.Then i took my current affairs class.At around 9:30AM i was done with my morning chores.
I left for the halqa and went there on foot.It took me about one and a half hour to reach there.On way to the halqa i was so happy to see different beautiful scenes.Firstly i saw monkey after a long time and it made me smile.

monkeys on the way
I had the same job of registering youth and other MGNREGA workers under different portals.The same interaction with people ,getting their aadhaar numbers,emails ran day long and about 4:30PM i left the place to return home.On way to my home,at the top of the hill i was so mesmerized with the view i saw and spent a few moments to cherish the scene.I took a photograph of the same to share it with all of you.The photograph is not so clear because the camera is not so good to capture it cleanly.

IMG_20211127_115100_153.jpgA beautiful sunset
I reached home at about 5:30PM and went to my room after taking a cup of tea to study.Later in the evening i had my dinner and then went to sleep and completed my day .
Thank you all for reading my post.


You travelled over the beautiful mountains on the way

Yes ,these hills are so so beautiful.i will soon share a photo of this range of hills .

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A week ago, a group of monkeys had created turmoil in our locality. We had to burst crackers for hours to make them run away.
Nice post.

Hahahaha.we don't have monkeys near our locality but the area that has been allocated to me has a huge number of the same,it being the forest area.

Nice dairy from your side, it would be more interesting for readers if images.....? @jahangeerkhanday

 2 months ago (edited)

you have clicked a nice picture, it seems you had a busy day. Great diary game from your side @jahangeerkhanday #club5050 #affable

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