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Hey guys, Good Morning all of you

How are you all?

I hope you are great

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Daily Update

Today, I came home from the night shift duty at 08:15 hrs. it was a bad night shift because I had to do left data entry of fifteen days when I was on leave. After wrapping the data entry by 2300 Hrs, I try to get some sleep but I couldn't sleep well as usual. I kept my eyes wide open till 02:00 Am. I fall asleep maybe after that. I left the office and reach home as soon as I woke up at 0800 Hrs. I brushed, took a shower, and then had a Pauha, Fafdi and Tea as Breakfast.

Today's Breakfast: Pauha, Fafdi and Tea

I was still feeling sleepy, even after the shower. I started reading the book I was reading before the holiday of 15 days. Today, I have just completed the entire book. I feel the book Is worth reading for the newbie guys in the field of cryptocurrency. I read it till 12.00 Hrs. Moreover, I will be sharing what I have learned from the book shortly.

Completed reading the above book- Worth reading at least once

After that, I set myself in front of the laptop. As I have brought some cryptos from #Binance and #wazirX, it is very difficult to monitor the profit and loss from it. I entered all buy and sell in #Coinmarketcap to monitor my portfolio. Alas, it is more than 50% down. The only positive things are Rewards received from #SteemIt, #Hive And #actift blogs. I have calculated everything in my portfolio that is related to cryptocurrencies. Yet more than 50% Down. After lunch, I had a power nap of around one hour. I woke up at around 15:30 Hrs and had tea. I set myself against my laptop and completed Portfolio related things.

Meanwhile, I have received a new book called Truth Machine. One more Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by Gilder is still on its way to reaching anytime soon. Willing to read that first and then I will put my hands on Truth Machine, I believe.

The Next of Next Target

At around 18:30 Hrs, we just sit and talk until 19:30 hrs. At around 20:00 the Dinner was ready so we had it. it was Bhakhri, Fenugreek sabji, and Milk at the Dinner. After dinner, at 2100 hrs, we set to start newly released movies on Zee5 app State of siege-Temple Attack. The movie has completely rattled me about how the innocent were killed without any reason. Absolute Masterpiece - worth Watching. The movie is inspired by a true event that happened in Akshardham Mandir situated in Gandhinagar Gujarat. Spare some time and watch it. After the Movie, I had a good night sleep.

Worth Watching MovieSource

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That's all folks

That's how my day ended - Simple and Great

How was yours?

I hope it was great

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 2 years ago 

It seems that you are going through a busy schedule @hdnakum

Thank you @pulook for stopping by

Ar last you finished your 📖 book. I hope it help you to learn many things about blockchain @hdnakum , thank you for sharing your diary with us.

Thank you for stopping by @sduttaskitchen

Thank you for sharing your day with us, @hdnakum. but I don't like the night duty. keep posting.

thank you @roopk97 for stopping by. Yes night shift is headache.

Excellent post share by you @hdnakum.
I am also interested in gathering the information about cryptocurrency and would wait for your post about crytocurrency.

Thank you @raulgupte that's great to hear that you read books too.

Have a good day ahead

You are on the "Lit" track & :) I love fafdi

Keep posting ,stay blessed
@hdnakum #affable

Thank you @layersinn for stopping by.

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Your breakfast is yummy. Look like you are great reader and like to read books. For some years it's good to forget crypto as it will up again later.

You are right crypto are in trouble for now. Thank you for stopping by @birjudanak

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@hdnakum, Pls share some knowledge of the Bitcoin market also. your breakfast looks delicious.

Sure I wil write a review of this book shortly. @lother68

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