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🥳 Hi Friends!!

I am excited very much while sharing this post with you. I am in Kasauli, Himanchal Pradesh for 5 days. I am on tour from my company Herbalife. I'll write how I am enjoying this tour.

So on 24th of August, we ( Me & my team ) took train from Ballia 15:50. The train name is Saryu Yamuna Express. At the platform we all gathered and took selfie. We sat in our compartment. I had forgotten to carry blanket so I asked to the coach attendant. He provided me one anyhow as these days blankets are not being provided in trains due to covid19. At 13:55 train left for the destination.

Selfie with team

Me sitting inside the train

Next morning on 25th of August, we made our shakes and consumed it. It keeps us energetic for hours.
So we try not to skip it at any cost. I feeling very happy. It was around 7 am and the train had reached Amroha. We were chatting, joking, having fun etc. Tour with friends is really amazing.

Drinking morning shake

Around 18:00 pm we reached Ambala cantt. Then we took bus from there for Chandigarh. We went to a Hotel cum restaurant named Royal's. We took refreshments there. And stayed there at night.

At Royal's- With team

Today morning, we were awaken early morning. We got fresh and later we went for exercise on the top of the hotel. We all had worn same colored T-shirts. The scene was amazing. We really enjoyed the exercise there.

Doing exercise

Now we are moving moving to Kasauli. We have taken our breakfast and we are very excited. So I end my diary here. I'll update diary about the visit to Kasauli tomorrow. Today I'll enjoy my visit.

Thank you very much for joining me. Be ready for my next post which will be updated tomorrow.✨🇮🇳

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Amazing @fitcoachshivam
Please keep updating about your trip to Himanchal Pradesh. I am also very excited.

Sure, why not I'll share more diaries.

Hope you enjoy a lot with your friends.
Keep posting and have a wonderful day.


Yes, I am still on tour, having fun.
Thank you @monali01

Hope you enjoyed the tour a lot. @fitcoachshivam NIce blog from your side. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Keep posting stay safe. #affable

Thank you bro....it's really a good trip.

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Thank you

Health guru Shivam you are doing a nice job well done.

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