BOI joins #club5050

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BOI joins #club5050.

We believe that the new supply created due to defined inflation at the Blockchain level is disrupting the defined ratio of Liquid: Staked reward, which is supposed to remain at 25:75 ratio, 75% of the reward should remain at staked form. However, due to the rise of SBD, the Author: Curator ratio has been disrupted, and the Liquid: Staked ratio has deviated away to as high as 70:30.


Therefore an initiative like #club5050 is very timely, and if all of us in Steem Blockchain joins #club5050, it will at least shift the Liquid: Staked ratio to 35:65 against 70:30. Liquid: Staked= 35:65 is still a deviation from 25:75. But any improvement and restoration towards the original state is a welcome move; therefore, BOI endorses initiative #club5050.

Henceforth we will make #club5050 as a criterion for voting mechanism(with immediate effect) with all the available resources: BOI Account, Steemcurator07, Booming, etc.

Please remember that for the Newcomers joining Steemit and BOI, the ideal path is 100% power up until 1000 SP. For others who have already achieved 1000 SP, we will advocate for at least 50% of the SBD to be powered regularly (as and when the payout matures).

Those who join #club5050 must ensure that they regularly power up at least 50% of their SBD. Otherwise, they should not use the tag #club5050.

We will continue to give preference to those users who continuously power up all SBD until they reach 1000 SP, and those who have already achieved 1000 SP should power up at least 50% of their SP.

Voting mechanism with #club5050

  • Up to a max of 50% upvote from Steemcurator07
  • Higher chances of selection for Booming votes
  • Up to a max of 80% upvote from Best of India Account

Those who are not part of the #club5050 will receive a nominal vote only.

That said, the voting mechanism will still probe a post's basic structure, Consistency, Engagement, Quality content, etc.

We will also prepare the list of users and their weekly power-up status & publish it on a regular basis.

Thank you.





#club5050 is nice initiative i have already joined this.

Hello respected professor @sapwood,
I want to ask you a question. I am not getting support from booming?

Please reply my question as soon as possible and also tell me what should I do to get support?

In the last one month, you have produced only 7 posts in BOI.

We generally give preference to consistent users with healthy engagement, maintaining the basic structure of a post.

Please pay attention to the Booming support criteria.


If you are a newcomer, then we would suggest you to power up all the SBD until you reach 1000 SP. If you have already achieved 1000 SP, we would advocate for at least 50% of the SBD to be powered up.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

It's crystal clear now as a newcomer I am focusing on consistency and quality content writing as per my ability,I think which is only key to achieve success 😊👍

Greetings @sapwood,

A great initiative by BOI, thank you so much for sharing this exact information about voting,
now I am pretty much clear about it.

A good initiative is taken by Steemit blockchain to strengthen the ecosystem. I am fully sure that this #club5050 will hit massive success across the platform.

I have already started following the criteria of #club5050 . I'll be powering up all my SBD until it's1000 sp.

Good idea.

I power up regularly,And put my post payout to 100% sp.

I have already participate in the entire intiative . But one more question I didn't get any booming votes please see my account.

I didn't get any booming votes please see my account.


Great initiative, I usually power up with my 100% payouts.

Hey @sapwood I have not received booming support since 2 weeks. And Yes I have done steem power up of my 50% sbd.
Thank You

Be regular and consistent, keep engaging with others in BOI. You will definitely get one more Booming vote this month.

Thank you.

Sir, I powerup yesterday and just delegated 150SP to BOI, started using #club5050


Can I get "DELEGATOR" label since I have delegated 150 sp to BOI

Really it's a good idea to support the user as well as steemit economy, I already power up and used the #club5050 tag in my posts, and also I got support, so every one should participateand power up.

An amazing initiative #club5050. That will boost steemit platform as well BIO.

I pledge to be a part of #club5050 and not just now onwards i have been powering up all of my rewards since i promised #boi to powerup all my earnings until i reach 1000sp.

I have recently started to post here exclusively. I will makes sure to post at least 2-3 Steem Exclusive posts here on BOI.

I am trying to follow all the rules but still I think I might be missing something. It would help me a lot of you can give me a checklist so that I can make sure I am following everything.

I hope to get some support from BOI.

Thank you 😇

A great initiative by BOI. 🥳🥳

Hello Respected @sapwood I am already using #club5050 tag. I have also powered up. I am posting regularly also. if I get more support then I will power up till SBD is 1000.

Hi Sir,
I want to join this community.
How much time it takes to be recognised and supported here?

Good idea sir

I also participating in this initiative daily with my diary.

Thanks for bring this type of amazing initiative.


Thanks u sir 😌 please support me

How to increase sp please tell me? Thank you

Please tell me why my achievement 2 is not verified

I signed up yesterday and am going to work hard. please follow me
I will be a helpful person. We are currently working as a distributor and doing online sales together.

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