BOI Activity Report- Sept'2021 & Criteria for Booming Support(Oct'2021)

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Here is a quick update on the Summary report on Activity in BOI in the month of Sept 2021(from 1st Sept to 28th Sept).

Before we produce the data of the nos of posts published by the individuals and also the nos of Unique users in Sept'2021, we would like to request all of our users to be consistent with their publications and activities in BOI.

We observed that a few users are posting exactly one or two posts in BOI, and still expect Booming support on the premise of Delegation. No, the operating model does not work like that. You have to be regular in BOI and should at least produce 4 posts per week before we consider you for BOI & Booming upvote. Alongside, healthy engagement a must.

So we take this opportunity to acquaint you with the criteria of Booming support for the month of Oct'2021 (BOI community has been selected for 3 Booming votes per day for the month of Oct 2021).

This post will also acquaint you with the nos of publications in BOI, nos of unique users, average posts per day, avg posts per user per month, etc (Sept 2021).


Nos of publications by the unique users in BOI(Sept'2021)

Unique User-BOI-1.jpg

Unique User-BOI-2.jpg
From 1st Sept to 28th Sept 2021





Basic Structure of a Post--

  • Proper formatting
  • Captioning the image
  • Specifying location(if any)
  • Proper alignment of the Images.
  • Consistent styling techniques
  • Emphasizing text (wherever needed)

Useful Resources to maintain the Basic Structure of a Post--




General Rules for Booming Support

  • There must be 21 unique users per week(Oct 2021) for Booming Support, regardless of selection criteria.
  • The posts offered for Booming support must be #steemexclusive.
  • Posts that have already been upvoted by @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 will not be eligible for additional @booming votes.
  • Users who are using upvote bots will not be voted by booming. (If they want to use them on posts outside of the community that would be their choice, but ideally not for posts in the community)
  • Any evidence of plagiarism or abuse will result in 15 days suspension(first time), and a permanent ban for repeat offenders.
  • There should be an active votable post not older than 5 days for Booming support.
  • We can not extend support for any post outside BOI.
  • A user selected for Booming support must not be powering down SP.

Thank you.


Plese feel free to leave your suggestion, feedback to improve the structure of the Booming curation schedule.





So great, I saw my name is in the top 5 thank you so much.@bestofindia.

Congratulations to all unique users in BOI. Still many BOI members are not active compare to total subscribers. Let's all make this community engaging, powerful and effective.

A great report was submitted, luckily my name was also listed in the top 20, thank you

So great, I saw my name is in the top 20 thank you so much.@bestofindia.

Hi @bestofindia @sapwood
Is it possible that one user gets selected every week as unique users list on the basis of fulfilling the criteria whatever you use for this unique list?

 last year 

Yes possible.

But the most important thing is this part:-

Basic Structure of a Post--

  • Proper formatting
  • Captioning the image
  • Specifying location(if any)
  • Proper alignment of the Images.
  • Consistent styling techniques
  • Emphasizing text (wherever needed)

Useful Resources to maintain the Basic Structure of a Post--

The users you have recruited, we are in continuous follow up with them, unfortunately, they do not follow the basic structure, I have attached the useful links/resources, please make sure to properly follow that and tell them to strictly adhere to it, without that we won't be able to support.

If you need any further help, please feel free to ask.

Thank you.

Sure I will tell them to use proper formatting.
Thanks for your cordial response.

Hi @varsha001 @deepak94 @shubhambhagat @amansh @sakshi27 @rgupta @gnsharma @anilgzp
Please read this post carefully, much helpful in your progress on steemit.
Congrats to those users who secured a place in the unique list.
All the best guys 👏👏
have a great time.....

I read it with open mind ..Will try to implement every instructions shared by @bestofindia
And Thank you @krishna001 for guiding me at every steps.

I will be on the list in October
#affable #india

Thank you for the report but as I have seen my name was not mentioned in active user list so I stopped posting in the community, but now have seen my name in the list so writing the comment because I am really confused.

 2 years ago (edited)

Ohh this is the reason you are not writing post. I was wondering why your post is not coming. Please continue to write the post.

Glad to know all the rules.

I have understood your guidelines very well. I appreciate your words. I am on 8th number in the list of unique users. Thank you very much @bestofindia

Hi @bestofindia, Will they get booming support in the first week of October, whose name is in the top Twenty list?

 last year (edited)

The top 20 is just a stat based on the number of entries, not a guarantee for Booming votes.

You should read the post once again to know the criteria of Booming votes.


If you are adhering to it, properly maintaining the structure, engaging with others, and consistent enough, then you will get Booming votes.

Thank you.

Thank you @bestofindia .😊

Thank you for the update,i hope,i will keep on improving with the community.

I always intended to post herecin BOI but keep forgetting. I have a few ideas for posts and I will post them here soon.

Hii @sapwood, @booming i didn't get any booming support since 20 days. Please visit my diary.

 last year 

Please pay attention to the October-Booming criteria.


In the last one month, you have produced only 8 diary posts. As per the new rule, there has to be a min of 4 posts per week from a user. We have introduced this because a few users are trying to post exactly one or two posts per week.

So you can still get Booming support-- just be regular, be consistent and engage with others, if you have not yet reached 1000 SP, we would suggest you powering up all the SBD.

Thank you.

Hello @sapwood , @bestofindia
I have followed the proper format of diary as applicable for @booming support, still i am not getting vote despite of my many posts .


Thankyou so much ✨

Hii @sapwood, @bestofindia i followed all the rules of this community and be regular then why didn't i receive @booming support.

Hi @somyasingh,

You have not powered up at all in the last week.


For booming support, Powering up at least 50% of the SBD payout or more is a must.

So you need to power up at least 50% or more on a regular basis as and when your payout matures.

If you have not achieved 1000 SP yet, you should power up all the SBD until you reach 1000 SP.

Please elaborate me. I didn't get your point.

Please go through this post--

aapko har payout me se 50% SBD ko steem me convert karke power up karna hoga....yeh #club5050 ka rule hai...bina power up ke avi aage se Booming support nhi milega.

Agar aapne avi tak 1000 SP nhi banaye hai...toh hum yehi sujhab aap pura SBD ko STEEM me convert karein aur fir full power up karein.

Thank you.


what are you talking about steem and steem power.

aapko har post pe 7 din baad SP and SBD milta hai...right.

Aapko SBD ko STEEM me convert karna hai, fir adha steem ko power karna hai.

Maan lo aapki payout 3 SBD aayi...usko maan lijiye convert karne ke baad 36 STEEM bani, toh aapko 18 STEEM power up karna hai.

Thank you.

Now, got your point.

Now , i am powering up my steem as your rules , then when am i supposed to get booming vote ?

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