Delicious cheese made by me😘😘

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Hlo guys I hope you are all fine .

today i will teach you how to make paneer.First of all, we buy cheese from the shop or from anywhere.After that cut that water into pieces.After that the masala is fry in a cooker or in a vessel very well.

When the masala is fried well, then add paneer to it and also fry paneer for a while.


After that put some water in it and close the cooker and cook for 10 minutes.After which your paneer is ready and becomes very well.



Your dish looking tasty. But if possible give detailed recipe pls.

I will tell you in very short.First you will bring the paneer and cut it into pieces.Fry it before long cardamom in it, after that it will brown the onion in it.When the onion turns brown, add paneer to it and it will take two to 3 minutes.He put water and it was very well for 10 minutes.Your paneer bun will be ready.

Your dish looks delicious, thanks for sharing with us!!!

I hope you enjoyed your cheese.
Nice post.

It would be better to add a caption below each image. food looks delicious @arifgzp

Wow paneer masala you prepared using w/ cheese ,I hope you enjoyed it,thanks for sharing w/;steemit world :)
Wish you a happy Navratri & Dasara festival ,
Godess navdurga bless your dreams comes true.
Have a great festive holiday pls make use of it pls keep visit to my post


You have made delicious dish.

Beautiful post from your side keep posting such new thinks.
Agli baar bhandara ho to bta dena bro 😋😊😊😉

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