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Hello Steemians, Stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. Wash your hands regularly, use sanitizers and maintain social distance.
Let's get started and discuss about my today's activities for "The Dairy Game" !


I woke up today at 6am and after all the daily activities, I had a cup of tea. My kiddo has her exams so I helped her to revise a poem. The Wonderful World. She had already revised the complete poem and then I listened to it. She had learnt the poem by heart.


I too liked the poem and it was really amazing to read it. It made me remind of my school days.


The poem, written by WB Rands.



In the afternoon we decided that we want to snack and therefore we bought veg patties, these were really hot and we enjoyed eating them.


After eating the patties we had also bought cake pastries, two pineapple, one butterscotch and two black forest.


We all loved the cake pastries they were very yummy and delicious to eat.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the yummy pastries. Such balanced flavour and sweetness. The cake pastry base was truly soft and spongy. The icing was pretty fluffy too !
After that my kiddo went back to revise her other lessons to prepare for her school examination.
The school had sent a pdf file with a revision test in it. I gave that file to her to revise and then attempt the test carefully.
The test was devised for self assessment and to be checked by the parents and award appropriate marks. It was special moment for me, to do the same. Being a parent it makes you feel good to analyse and check the academic performance of your child. Then accordingly give suitable guidance too as per one's strengths and or the weak points.

After the test, I gave her some time to be little creative and spend sometime in drawing a colourful sparrow. Here is the drawing that she created and did those beautiful colors. I absolutely loved what she has made.



After that I surfed my phone for a while. Checked my whatsapp messages and replied to them. Some messages were really important and needed immediate reply. Done all that work, I was informed that few items are to be bought from the market so I then decided to go to the market and get those items.


and then went to the market to purchase some biscuits and juicy red tomatoes, since we decided that we will make red delicious tomato Pasta in the evening.

On my way back home, I stopped at one of my most favourite icecream shop and thoroughly enjoyed butterscotch icecream slush, very delicious, it was full of dry fruits, crushed ice at the bottom of the cup. It was super yummylicious. Then I came back home with the wonderful taste of ice cream slush in my mouth and on my taste-buds, that lasted for a while.

Thank you.


Keep on Steeming !!!





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I am very impressed with your blog sir @Best of India.... Can I write in your community, and will I get a little voice in your community, sir.