Cheerleader Bits, Squad Goals

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Another glorious day for a Sportsball post. I cross post some things and here is one though I do like to change up gifs and imagery due to boredom or being a visual creature or something.

(Dear Men and whoever else, this takes a ton of money and time and effort to be this CHEERY! pinterest/jetnationforum)

Cheerleading used to be MUCH more clothed and less sexual. It was Men in v neck sweaters and Ladies in skirts where you were not seeing booty. Times change as did the outfits but why? The obvious is obvious but what else made the skirts rise and the aggression levels go up? Television started exploding and sports got even more commercial. A man named "Tex Schramm" seems to be the one to thank or not thank, depending on how you feel about the direction Cheerleading took.

(You can thank Texas for many things or blame Texas for many things :) giphy)

So in 1972, the Dallas Cowboys owner "Tex" decided that everything needed to be more entertaining and flashy. I mean Dallas isn't known for being subtle. He knew this would sell and it did. He hired professionals including choreographers and directors to raise the bar. Cheerleading morphed into becoming a lot about sexy dancing and less about the actual atheletics of flips and fancy pyramids. The rest is history and here is where we are now but things go full circle so who knows if in a few decades everyone is in turtle necks and pants.....

(Smart Cookies for low pay, a launch pad to better things or just too sexual? You decide? giphy)


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