Strays Force Their Way Into Every Nook and Cranny to Survive

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Street dogs are animals who live on the streets and in shelters. Most street dogs are descendants of domesticated animals that have been abandoned, lost or relinquished by their owners. They typically live shorter lives than pets because they are constantly exposed to dangers such as cars, diseases, bad food, and other animals. Street dogs endure a lot of hardship in order to survive on the streets.


Diet is important for street dogs. They need to have a lot of energy to run and hide from predators. Most street dogs eat what they find on the streets, which can be garbage, animal carcasses, or food thrown out by humans. Street dogs usually have few diseases because they are exposed to a variety of different bacteria and viruses.

Street dogs face many threats on the streets, including from cars, other animals, and humans. Some street dogs are killed by cars each year, and others are abused or homeless enough that they turn to scavenging for food. Street dogs also face harassment from humans who see them as pests or potential sources of food.

Street dogs are often abandoned or thrown away when they become unruly or troublesome. These animals must be resourceful in order to survive on the streets and make it through tough conditions. Street dogs face many dangers, such as being hit by cars, eaten by predators, and getting sick from the environment. However, with persistence and some luck, streetdogs can thrive and provide a valuable service to their communities.


Street dogs live in close quarters with other animals, and they have to protect themselves from predators and other dangers. Some street dogs use their size to intimidate predators or scare them off, while others use sharp teeth and claws to fight back. Street dogs also use scent marking to communicate their territory and warn other street dogs of danger.

Street dogs go through a lot to survive on the streets. They may scavenge for food, sleep in abandoned buildings, or beg for scraps from humans. Some street dogs even become thieves or prostitutes to make a living.

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