The B Word Summarized | Crypto News | Price Target For Bitcoin BTC?

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The B Word conference was held on 21 Jul 2021 featuring, Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey & Elon Musk!
We can see during 20 Jul there was a fake out towards the downside of bitcoin and pumped back up during the b word conference date 21 Jul, So in this video I summarized the topics / topics that were mentioned about cryptocurrency and traditional stuff we have. The B Word conference was very interesting.

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Listen to it like a podcast, it's my first time doing these news type of video and I know it's really bad but I will improve myself overtime too!

The B Word

The B Word Full Conference original.

Bitcoin Stock To Flow Model

00:00 What Is The B Word Conference All About?
00:28 Traditional Payment System?
02:12 Roles Of Money
03:44 BTC As Native Currency Of The Internet?
05:46 Tesla & Bitcoin? Moon?
08:31 Nuclear Energy To Mine Bitcoin BTC?!
11:37 BTC Price Target!
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