Double-Edges of Exponential Scientism

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Essay & Footnotes:
If our society has representative governance, then everybody must be able to understand and question the basics of the scientific fields being used to govern us — a modern redress of grievances. Otherwise, how can we judge the actions of our elected officials? How else can we give informed consent with our votes for or against exponentially-impactful societal experiments?
It does not advance the goals of a more evidence-based-society to bully people or politics with scientific predictions that very well may be very wrong. No theory is too big to fail. Good science should be able to defend itself without bullies.
Do you think Technocratic and Representative governance are not mutually exclusive? To have both, you’ll have to wait until the vast majority of the society is significantly literate of science, exponential growth, and the uncertainty in your favorite non-linear model of the year. If that’s your utopia, I think you’ll have to get crackin’ in that direction, stream more intellectual debates with more than an hour in the weeds, and putting on your ‘patience hat’ for another 50 years. Sorry, not my utopia, not my problem.
When in Oceania, do as the Oceanians do. Panic into endless wars against invisible enemies, based on inadequate or privileged evidence. No, the military is not on most streets. No authority needs or wants to use physical control when they have mass mind control. If people were protesting or rioting in the streets, would you demand the militarized police enforce the scientific consensus? For now, there is still enough bread and circus for fun and chill in our Brave New World.
I still find it an extraordinary claim with insufficient evidence that the first 1–2,000 [or now 20,000] deaths in the U.S. will grow to some 1.1–2.2 million — the scale of predictions driving popular reactions. So I am also sad and scared about the totalitarian precedents set in reactions which thus far seem to be creating a much greater human and social harm. If the new normal is holding the world hostage with weak data, then we need to sit down and have a serious talk about our social arrangement.


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