Democracy, International Relations Discipline, and 9/11 Truth

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Regarding "9/11 Truth and the Silence of the IR Discipline", by David A. Hughes, Published 2020
"First, there is a review of the IR literature on 9/11, showing that it fails to address 9/11 truth. Second, the key findings of 9/11 truth are presented in summary form, drawing only on the type of sources mentioned above in order to avoid charges of parochialism. Third, there is a discussion of why IR scholars ignore 9/11 truth. Finally, the conclusion considers the implications of taking 9/11 truth seriously."

Essay Version:

Do you believe in democracy? Then this debate is relevant and worthy of your attention. The abstract of this International Relations (IR) paper does not do it justice as the '28 pages' we were looking for. David Hughes has compiled a remarkable collection of the strongest 9/11 Truth evidence, and points out how little has been addressed or debunked in peer reviewed literature. In my personal experience, "9/11 Truthers" who have done more than watch a few documentaries have been familiar with most of this paper's key claims for at least a decade.

No groups are immune to groupthink. So please, academia, steel man the open source work instead of firing professors. We've been begging you for decades. Replicate open source studies and go deeper to shut us up with stronger evidence.
Due to inadequate skepticism toward expert authorities, "total deaths during the post-2001 U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen is likely to reach 3.1 million or more — around 200 times the number of U.S. dead."
The chasm growing between reality bubbles continues to expand, which is a serious risk to society and safety.
If we're not living under tyranny, then there are always valid reasons to challenge governmental claims to emergency powers. If not for your own protection, you must help stop this trend before it harms more of 'the others' whom it has already harmed.

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