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RE: It's Crypto Mondays - Steem Vs. Tron...What's Next?

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Thanks for a great show @jongolson, and let's hope everyone can come together and work this out, and yeah Steem-engine will be more than ok, it's the same team as Splinterlands, and Steempeak is also heavily into both, on another note Binance is out of liquid Steem for people to withdraw their funds which they used to vote against their own customers, plus if I am right informed they also got reported to the SEC which could potentially threaten their entire Binance US business in a worst case scenario, popcorn is great though, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Heck, I'm even going and selling my BNB now....Sad cause I liked Binance...But don't trust them anymore now.

Thanks @jongolson, yeah that is sad indeed, we need Decentralized DEX without a central figure that can take it down, stay awesome.

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