dtube quikz | showing dtube in metamask as custom token

in DTubelast year

a new additional series of clips that i share on twitter, youtube, dtube and will reference for all onboarding done from tiktok (more on that soon)

this quick video is to show you how to add the custom token for metamask so you can see your dtube tokens. you just need the smart contract address to see your balance on the chain

if you love this quick content i'd love your leader vote over here

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grrr, wish we could fix that "default avalon vote" thing, it always resets!!

if they give you value, please consider voting for my leader note to keep things tribalism free in consensus! :) https://d.tube/election -- dtube to the moon! :)

what's the Contract address @teamhumble?

Hey buddy. 0xd2be3722b17b616c51ed9b8944a227d1ce579c24
You can see it here. Scroll down a tiny bit and it is there.

I appreciate it very much @old-guy-photos thank you very much :D

what's the Contract address @teamhumble?

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