10 Years Without Social Media Platform

in DTube2 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Some moments are memorable while some are sour. People like to remember the good old memory while try to avoid the spur or bad memory. But what if the bad memory comes back to your life suddenly. ??

For an example. Let's assume, you were in deep love with someone and that someone ditched you for no reason (someone =he or she no gender in particular) . You wanted to forget that as your mistake in your life. However during course of you life you encounter that someone again.bhow you gonna to react.??

Same thing happen to me yesterday and brought some good/bad memory when I mistakenly clicked on the inbuilt Facebook app icon on my mobile. And after that it bring back all memory to access it.

But honestly speaking all these 10 years of no social media I was very happy.


Namaste @steemfllw.

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