Best Way For Public Speaking - School Stage to Vlogging World.

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Hello Everyone,

Public speaking is an art. A speaker needs to focus on all the audiences and also need to execute their topic in front of them . It needs a proper balance between your mind and body to make it a perfect. It is not always easy for everyone to be a good speaker. You know the feeling of hundered of people looking at you, focusing on you, will simply divert your kind and make you out of focus.

That is why it is considered as an art. A perfect balance will allow you you to speak with confidence and win over thr crowd. I remember when it was my first time, I was very nervous, my legs were shaking and have goosebumps but everyone is not perfect at one go, so does me. It was good learning in my life which now allow me to make vlogs.

There are few simple.tricks which will make you out of the afraid zone . For sure all those crowds were not there to harm you. They assemble there for a purpose and you need to entertain or cover the entire auditorium. There are few simple tactics and those really helps.

Try them, and be a good speaker to make crowds run after you.


Namaste @steemflow

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