Mistakes are Part Of Life - We Mist Admit.

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Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, my little kid was giving me some explanation in certain things which she didn't did. I was holding her responsible for things which she didn't committed. While I was asking her in anger her nephew comes in and admitted that it was done by him. And that did help me calm down. I was sure in my anger that particular thing's can't be done by herself. But I wanted the his brother comes in front and accept his mistake, which he did and that us the biggest part. It not only teaches lesson to that kid but also to my daughter.

We all do some mistakes in our course of life. But the biggest thing in life is to accept your part in thr wrong done. With the little boy acceptance both of the learned a lesson that such thing don't need to repeat and also that when you do some mistakes than accept it. I pat on the little boy back and really made me happy to see his clarity and acceptance of his mistake.

These little things do teaches some great lesson and we must apply them.in our life as well.

Peace !!

Namaste @steemflow

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