When Things Doesn't Goes Your Way...Make Life More Eventful

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Hello Everyone,

We grown up in middle class family, and we were taught since childhood days to adjust and adapt ourself as per the situation. Now we have so much experience into adjusting and adapting that we are ready to do anywhere. Makes ourself quite flexible. The sort of learning is not quite possible for the new genre who are more into digital world and all sort of comfort.

Today, I pass on the general underatanding to my through a simple real life experince. And I am thankful it happened in real time that my kids had the practical knowledge too. It was fun sharing our learning to our next generation. At least we are passing on the legacy.

Stay Calm...Stay Safe. !!

Namaste @steemflow

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Small flag for grammar, when things DON'T go your way! Just trying to make my flag life a little bit more eventful. Thanks!!

Thanks for correcting me...a great learning...👍