Those Damn Skater Kids - 8 String Guitar Jam

in DTube2 months ago (edited)

Here's a five track jam improvised on my Schecter 8 string blackjack guitar. I had no idea what sort of song would come out of this 8 string. I kinda just improvised it to a beat I composed in superior drummer using the pop ezx kit.

First I started with a basic bass riff on the g flat heavy string. The Seymore Duncan blackout pickups are pretty high gain so its a bit tough keeping the eighth string from distorting. This guitar is meant for djent metal but this song ended up more post punk style.

The next two tracks are played in mid and high range octaves with lots of delay panned left and right to make room for the main track panned towards the middle.

Towards the end of the song I bring in the ebow with a bit of distortion and rotary chorus.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of rebellious skater kids from yesteryear disobeying the no skating signs in the park getting into minor trouble with mall security guards in suburbia. Thanks for listening :-)

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