Straturday Evening - Bias FX 2, Guitar Rig 6, Amplitube 5 and EZ Mix

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Here's a little stratocaster jam on this #straturday evening. I just played whatever came to mind to a few drum beats I programmed in Superior Drummer 2. With the dry recording in place I started slicing the wav file into segments with different effects on each slice. The first two sounds are in Bias FX 2 where it starts out with clean phaser then goes to a heavy overdriven rhythm sound. The third effect is via Guitar Rig 6 with a big ambient sound, Guitar Rig has a bunch of weird effects so I don't even know how to describe them. The fourth effect goes back to Bias FX 2 with a crunchy sort of tweed sound to it. The fifth sound is via Amplitube 5 where I have it doing a tankish spring reverb effect. The sixth sound is Guitar Rig 6 with another strange ambient effect signal that bounces between the left and right channel. The next two sound effects are basic guitar amp sounds via EZ Mix by Toontrack. EZ Mix is good if you are looking for a basic sound and not too many options to mess with. Finally the last sound effect is via bias fx where it has a dotted eighth delay and reverb on it.

Overall I like Bias FX 2 the best then Guitar Rig second best. Amplitube has good tones but they are always trying to upsell you on virtual gear and it takes alot of tweeking to get a good sound. EZ Mix is my favorite for mixing but for guitar amps it is pretty basic and only good for previewing a clean sound as you record, I usually end up trying to get the right tone from Bias FX later on after comping with the lightweight EZ Mix.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Thanks :-) I don't quite know how the dtube token really works yet either.

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