A Troupe of Demons Passes By - Irish Bouzouki, Handpan and A Partsocaster

in DTube3 months ago (edited)
Here is an improvisation on my Irish bouzouki tuned to gdae. For this improvisation I wanted to hit a lot of minor notes to create a more mysterious sound.

For percussion I added four hand drum tracks on my Roland Handsonic. There is a cajon, shaker, bell, cymbol and a deep tuned frame drum.

I also added two tracks of handpan tuned to hijaz scale. They add the mysterious element to the minor notes.

The last track is from my home-made partsocaster connected to my axe fx II. The effects are a bit of drive with a highly mixed digital delay and a bit of reverb.

All in all this improvisation kind of reminds me of a person sitting on a park bench late at night suddenly seeing a troupe of strange demons passing by. Perhaps it was something the observer ate or sleep deprivation that caused the strange window into the realm of demons. Or maybe it is that society has turned rotten and the normal people are the strange ones.

Thanks for listening :-)

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