Raindrops On The Window - Classical Guitar Improvisation

in DTube2 years ago (edited)

Here is an improvisation on my Takamine classical guitar tuned to dadgde. I programmed a midi drum beat in Superior Drummer to a 6/8 metronome at 65 bpm to create a catchy sort of rhythm to improvise to. I used the Nashville drum kit for this beat and switched to drums from sticks to brushes to better fit the classical guitar. From there I just played the drum beat in one ear from my cell phone while I played whatever came to mind on the guitar. A nice base chord progression formed with improvisations in between to match the drums. One thing to note is around the middle of the song a loud car horn blared outside so I had to paste in a different part of the recording to remove that sound. So if you see my hands moving weird and not with the notes envision a loud car horn blaring in the background.

The overall mood is a bit pensive and moody kind of like a dark rainy day where raindrops are constantly hitting the window. Thanks for listening :-)

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