Flashback - Hiren Roy Sitar Improvisation

in DTube2 years ago (edited)

Here is a quick improvisation on my Hiren Roy Sitar to a 4/4 100bpm drum beat I programmed in Superior Drummer 2. For drums I used the Roots ezx library with a Gretsch drum set and some slight distortion and compression. I recorded two signals of the Sitar, one with a microphone and another with dot piezos attached to the body of the Sitar. I used the piezo track to add the Bias FX 2 amp sim and some delay effects. The mic recording is blended with the direct recording to keep some of the natural sound of the sitar in the mix.

The mood of this improvisation reminds me of an old hippie having an acid flashback to his younger days in the 60s :-). Thanks for listening

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