Dark Winter - Ambient Blues on Partsocaster and Comanche

in DTube3 months ago (edited)

Here is an ambient style blues improvisation. I started out with a gritty programmed series of drum loops in Superior Drummer using the Dark EZX library. Once the drums were in place I improvised the main track with a panning delay and phaser. The next track was the same exact riff doubled with a pitch shifter that dropped the tone down an octave to act as some bass.

Next I added a synth track on my cheap plastic midi controller guitar. The synth is Rapture with a number of layers of effects to add some ambiance to the mix.

The main lead track is on my G&L Comanche with a echorec delay at half time. This effect allows the notes to stay a while to riccochet around on the song. Finally towards the end of the song I created a fast picking high reverb and chorus effect.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of the endless dark winter months in Illinois. To add to this mood I recorded a timelapse of the dark clouds off my balcony.

Thanks for listening :-)

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