Lines in the Sand - Goatskin Mizhar, Guitar and Jaw Harp

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Here is an improvisation that started out with a beat on my Meinl Goatskin Mizhar drum played to a 4/4 80 bpm metronome. Later I added additional drums via the post rock ezx in Superior Drummer via my Roland Handsonic as a midi controller.

The Meinl Goatskin Mizhar allows you to to tune its pitch to different notes. In this song I tuned it to the key of F to act as a bass note drone to the rest of the song. This helped when I tuned my Wechter acoustic guitar to an open tuning then capo'd it at the F note.

The next guitar track on my home-made partsocaster is just playing in the key of F with Bias Fx to add drive and reverb. The final track is on my jaw harp tuned to the key of F with some crazy phaser, reverb, and delay via Guitar Rig 6.

The mizhar adds a sort of old school battle sound to the mix and the mood kind of reminds me of two armies drawing lines in the sand daring each other to cross them before a battle. Perhaps they are engaged in salami diplomacy where they are engaged in many small skirmishes to wear each other down to win the larger war...

Thanks for listening to my weird music :-)

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