Electromotive Force - A Straturday Improvisation

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Here is an improvisation that started out on my G&L ASAT with drop d tuning. I wanted to see if a telecaster style guitar could chug with heavy distortion. It did pretty good in the mid range but I had to add some heavy bass on my musicman to give it more of the chug sound. Initially I had planned for this to be a #teletuesday jam but ran out of time. So later I added three lead tracks on my stratocaster style guitars for #straturday. The first strat track is my home-made partsocaster with some atmospheric delay and reverb effects on it. The second track is my stratocaster plus guitar with more of a chorus vibrato effect on it. The final track is my G&L Comanche with some dotted eigth delay on it with some shimmering reverb.

As I was dealing with the high gain on the guitars I was reminded of the electromotive force and how emf radiation bleeds into the magnets of guitars. I had to isolate the static frequency in adobe audition and noise print it and remove it from the telecaster track to get rid of the annoying buzz sound from the pickups.

Thanks for listening and happy #straturday :-)

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