The Spider's Web - Cigar Box Guitar Improvisation

in DTube3 months ago (edited)
Here is an improvisation on my six string cigar box guitar tuned to ff bb ff. This open tuning brings a bit of a deeper tone to the small cigar box body. I typically tune it to gdg for the best intonation and tension. With this lower tuning the strings become a bit more loose and it allows for faster strumming with unpredictable bends while playing.

Overall the mood of the song reminds me of a spider trying to mind its web while tons of tiny insects get caught in it. The spider has to zoom back and forth frantically to keep everthing in order.

Thanks for listening :-)


it seemed to me that it was more like the music of a spellcaster, to which the victims themselves fly to his web

I think you are correct :-)

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