Waiting For Spring - Straturday Improvisation

in DTube2 years ago (edited)

Here is an improvisation that started on my red stratocaster plus then I started layering in the other tracks over it. My musicman stingray 5 bass was the next layer to go into the mix. With the bass and rhythm track in place I programmed in the drums via Superior Drummer and the Independent EZX. Next I added in a couple of leads on my G&L Comanche and home made partsocaster. I also added a cello track via the Miroslav Philharmonic vst and my You Rock midi guitar All guitar effects are from Bias FX 2 with mastering of the overall composition in Adobe Audition.

Thanks for listening :-) here's hoping spring comes soon, I'm sick of this long winter.

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This is great! I love seeing the instruments as they play. A lot of work, and a good tune too.

Hey buddy! I am working on a list of original dtubers and it would be very cool if you can join it! More details about the process and the extra gift here: https://d.tube/v/tibfox/8abdrrisrjx

Cool, I'll try this on my next video :-) I just read this today and would have put it on today's video if I had seen it earlier lol.

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