Gravitational Fusion - Bendir and Guitar Improvisation

in DTube2 years ago (edited)

Here is an improvisation that started out on my bendir drum tuned to an F drone. Later I added some traditional drum via superior drummer to enhance the overall rhythm. With the drums in place I set my capo to set my Wechter Pathfinder to be an open F tuning. This helped it mesh with the drone note of the bendir. Next I added a synth via my You Rock Midi guitar and Miroslav Philharmonic with a viola solo sample. To balance out the left ear I added my F tuned jaw harp.

With all the rhythm in place I added my Musicman Petrucci as a subtle lead with a 4 note delay on on it that ping pongs between the left and right channel. Towards the end of the song I bring in my G&L Fallout with an eighth note delay on it to add a final ambient wash over the whole composition.

This one is called gravitational fusion because the ping pong notes from the Petrucci remind me of how the sun's gravitational forces are so powerful that they cause heavy hydrogen to form creating a powerful plasma energy. Thanks for listening :-)

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